Which of the following devices are internet equipped toilets?

The internet equipped toilet is a device which is able to connect to your phone and make voice calls.This can be used to make calls or even get directions to nearby businesses.If you have one, here are the most common questions people have about internet equipped water toilets.

Why the US still uses AT&T spectrum to provide internet to the rural internet subscribers

With the Federal Communications Commission’s upcoming decision to eliminate the so-called “utility-style” internet service (ISP) tariff, AT&T has been left with only a small slice of the nation’s internet bandwidth.But that doesn’t mean that rural internet users are not getting a better deal than they did in the past. With the internet access providers’ (AEPs) plans to merge with Time Warner […]

How to Get Your Internet Service Fixed With Comcast Internet Equipment

We can fix your internet service if it is broken or defective, or if we are unable to fix it.This article describes how to fix your Internet Service if it has been disconnected, broken, or is not functioning.If you have problems with your Comcast Internet Service, call our customer support team at 1-800-424-6782 or send us an email at [email protected] […]

Verizon announces $30 million to improve internet service for its customers

NEW YORK — Verizon Communications Inc. on Monday announced it will invest $30 billion in the next 10 years to build and expand broadband in underserved areas across the U.S.The investment will support new spectrum infrastructure that will improve broadband service for underserved communities and provide customers with a better experience for online services and content.Verizon said it will also […]

Fetch the fibre internet data, not the fibre

Data from a fibre optic cable in a building in Adelaide’s west has revealed a dramatic spike in the uptake of fibre internet.Advertisement The NBN Co-funded fibre network was originally intended to be installed on homes in the CBD and surrounding suburbs, but has since been extended to other areas of Adelaide.It is expected to become operational in 2017.In the […]

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