How to buy and install the latest windstream internet gear

The internet is booming and you’re probably wondering where all the gear is.We’ve been covering the latest in windstream and windstream hardware for the past year and the most popular of these is the Sonics windstream home broadband box.It’s pretty awesome.But before you get too excited about it, here’s what you need to know before you buy.What is a windstream […]

Why the ‘Sonics’ aren’t a good fit for a UK soccer stadium

The Sonics aren’t likely to get a Major League Soccer stadium anytime soon.But they’ve already seen a potential boost in sales with a recent deal with the NBA to bring the Seattle SuperSonics to Seattle.A deal that has been touted as a potential home for the NBA’s new Los Angeles Lakers.The Sonics have been a major force in the US […]

Satellite Internet Equipment Shows Up on Amazon’s Website in New York

NEW YORK — Amazon on Tuesday announced plans to begin selling satellite Internet equipment in New Jersey, where the state is home to its largest satellite network.The company said it plans to offer a variety of internet-connected devices, from solar panels to smart home systems, in New Brunswick, New York and in other cities around the state.The New Jersey companies […]

You can stop your broadband and internet access at the door

The internet can be a nightmare to manage.If you don’t have the bandwidth and speed to handle all of the incoming data that your network sends, you may be forced to switch off your internet service.Luckily, the internet can also be a powerful tool for managing your privacy, with the tools below.What is an internet filter?A filter is a piece […]

Why you should buy an AT&T Xfinity Internet TV and DVR from Sonic

What is an AT &,A&amp ;T internet TV and a DVR?What are they?What do they do?You may have heard the term “AT&amp.;T internet television and a dvr.”These terms have become increasingly popular in recent years, and have helped to expand the scope of what a home Internet service provider (ISP) can do for you.These services are usually available through your […]

How to get internet connectivity for free on India’s new 4G mobile network

An Indian telecom company is setting up a 4G network in remote areas of northern India, offering internet access for free.The government-owned company, Airtel India Ltd., said the 4G technology it is using will allow its subscribers to reach the nearest cities without paying for a monthly data plan.It has also promised free internet to rural and small town residents […]

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