US tech firms sue over NSA spying

A coalition of US technology companies has filed a lawsuit against the National Security Agency over the surveillance of their employees, alleging that the surveillance violated their constitutional rights and infringed on their freedom of expression.In the lawsuit, filed Thursday in a Washington federal court, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, PayPal, eBay, Pinterest and Reddit allege that they have been […]

Why the ‘Sonics’ aren’t a good fit for a UK soccer stadium

The Sonics aren’t likely to get a Major League Soccer stadium anytime soon.But they’ve already seen a potential boost in sales with a recent deal with the NBA to bring the Seattle SuperSonics to Seattle.A deal that has been touted as a potential home for the NBA’s new Los Angeles Lakers.The Sonics have been a major force in the US […]

Which Internet equipment and tax is necessary?

When asked about how the government is spending its money on internet equipment and taxes, the government says it needs to protect public safety and national security.But it has been slow to put together its budget, which is expected to be released in the next two weeks.The government is also expected to announce plans to close several of its schools […]

How to make sure you never get scammed by an internet scammer

The internet is a great place to be vulnerable, but it can also be a great opportunity for fraudsters.There are so many ways to scam someone online, and a lot of them are pretty straightforward.In fact, one of the best things about being a victim of internet scams is that you can be able to learn from your mistakes.Here are […]

Cybersecurity: how much do you know about the cyber threat?

In this article, we explore how much you know and how much can you trust the information you’re getting from the media.Read moreThe ABC’s The Story:Cybersecurity: How much do we know about cyber threats?examines the cyber security landscape and what we know now.The article includes information from:The Australian Government, ABC,The ABC News,The Age,The Australian Financial Review,Australian Bureau of Statistics,Australian Federal […]

Microsoft’s new spyware is a big deal

Microsoft’s newly released spyware dubbed “Skype for Business” has been condemned by privacy advocates and users, who say it’s an invasion of personal privacy.The spyware, which has been widely reported in the news, is designed to gather information from Skype and other apps, including email and chat, to create a virtual database of every phone call and message.The app is […]

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