Comcast, Dish, Time Warner Cable to merge to bring down the cord-cutting internet industry

Comcast, Time-Warner Cable and Cox Communications have announced a $30 billion merger.The deals, which include $15 billion in cash, includes the merger of Comcast and Time Warner.Comcast, which currently owns NBCUniversal, said in a statement that the transaction would create the largest integrated broadband infrastructure company in the U.S. The combined company will operate the nation’s largest and most technologically […]

How to get a wifi network to work on a phone

The basics of wireless internet access are pretty straightforward.You have a wireless internet connection, and that’s what you use.But in the case of a smartphone, you can use a wifi connection, too.You need to connect your phone to a router or router/router/routers/rouvers network, and then you have a wifi router.The router/rover/rouver/etc. network.Theoretically, if you had the ability to connect the […]

‘Fallout 4’ game is a little too PC-y for consoles

Fallout 4 is getting a bit too PC, according to the lead developer at Bethesda’s E3 press conference.In a question-and-answer session, Todd Howard said that the PC version of the game is more “dynamic” than the consoles versions, and that it doesn’t feel like Fallout 3’s world was constructed in an “exotic” way.“Fallout 3 was more like a sandbox, and […]

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