Why Canada should be buying out its broadband rivals

Canada’s telecoms regulator says it is prepared to sell its spectrum licences to its biggest rivals, which it says could make it a net-neutrality winner.Industry Minister Navdeep Bains says the move is an important step to help the country stay competitive with U.S. internet providers.“I have to say we are hopeful that we are going to see more net neutrality, […]

How to Protect Your Home and Business from Home-Based Wireless Internet Threats

The latest wireless technology is making it possible for home-based wireless Internet access to be a threat to your privacy and security.But if you’re not careful, you could be vulnerable to unwanted data from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that could be used for personal or financial gain.You’ll also likely want to be careful about what data is being transmitted […]

How to make sure you’re getting the best internet from your home provider

You can be confident that your internet provider is delivering the best service to you, and you can use the internet at your home to get the best quality of internet for your home.But, if you’re not sure about the internet provider you’re signing up for, you may be in for a surprise.The internet provider can change its network or […]

When to buy internet cafe hardware

Now Playing: Is this the best time to buy Internet cafes?Now Playing : The Best Time to Buy Internet Cafes in the US Now Playing Google launches new Chrome app, new Chromebooks, more Now Playing The Best Times to Buy Amazon and eBay Now Playing ‘Saved’ from the brink of extinction, a rare baby whale found alive in Antarctica Now […]

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