Google Fiber is rolling out its first gigabit-per-second (Mbps) Internet service in Maryland

Google Fiber announced Monday that it would roll out its gigabit service in the city of Baltimore as part of its plan to reach the nearly 100,000 homes it plans to serve by the end of the year.Google Fiber will be one of the first major Internet service providers in the nation to offer gigabit Internet speeds, said Dan Hartung, […]

What is a Microwave Internet Equipment Auction?

It’s been a bit of a confusing week for those of us that are familiar with the world of internet equipment auctioning.On Friday, a consortium of internet manufacturers, known as the Microwavision Group, announced that they would be taking part in an auction for the first-ever Microwavaital, a device that converts microwaves into broadband internet.This is an important step forward […]

Internet equipment can be used to track and identify medical conditions

A new product called the “Internet of Things” is set to disrupt the way medical devices are sold and marketed.It’s an idea that could help solve a problem with medical devices that is growing increasingly prevalent in our world.According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, more than 30 percent of the world’s surgical instruments were purchased in the […]

A new app for Amazon Echo owners that allows them to control their home’s internet

The Amazon Echo speaker is a fantastic device that makes living in the home so much more convenient.If you’ve ever needed to control your Amazon Echo in your home, or even use it for simple voice commands, this app is for you.And it’s even easier to use than you might think.This app is called Amazon Echo Assistant.We’re not sure if […]

What happens when you combine an internet backbone with an internet TV service?

The world’s largest telecommunications company is planning to build the world’s first broadband internet backbone in South Africa, where its new internet television service will launch on Tuesday.The announcement comes after the South African government approved a $2.5bn plan for broadband, which will cover most of the country’s population by 2021.The government said the project will be one of the […]

How to choose the right broadband for your home network

You’ve seen the ads for Windstream Internet, but did you know you can also get a broadband service from Comcast?Comcast has become a household name for its gigabit fiber internet service, but what is the best broadband plan for your internet needs?Here are our top 10 broadband plans for home and business.Read moreThe big playersHere are some of the big […]

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