How to use Google Maps for Free with Chrome extension

Updated September 27, 2018 12:52:53 The new Chrome extension that lets you see Google Maps in a new way with a small but powerful price tag.Chrome’s new Maps extension is now available for free on the Chrome Web Store and it allows you to see Google maps for free for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.Chromosoft, which is the […]

How to stop a virus in your network

A virus that’s been in your office or home for years can suddenly appear in your system.But it’s not likely to harm you.The problem is the virus has been in the Internet backbone for years and the network has been slow to upgrade its defenses.Experts say that means it’s more likely that the virus will infect your personal computer than […]

Comcast and Verizon set to buy internet service Equipment

by Kevin Winter / Bloomberg / ReutersComcast and Verizon announced Thursday that they will buy a majority stake in an internet service company that they both control.The combined company, called Spectrum Group, will be called CenturyLink, and it will be owned by Comcast and its chief executive, Brian Roberts, Comcast said in a statement.The purchase price is $32.5 billion.The transaction […]

How to Protect Your Home and Business from Home-Based Wireless Internet Threats

The latest wireless technology is making it possible for home-based wireless Internet access to be a threat to your privacy and security.But if you’re not careful, you could be vulnerable to unwanted data from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that could be used for personal or financial gain.You’ll also likely want to be careful about what data is being transmitted […]

What you need to know about the new Comcast Xfinity TV service

Xfiverse Internet Equipment is the company that will provide internet connectivity for Comcast’s Xfios TV service in the US and Canada. It was created by Comcast in 2014 and is available in the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.“The first phase of the network upgrade will begin on April 1st and will be rolled out to customers starting May 1st,” the […]

Verizon: $3,000 ‘will buy you an hour of internet for life’

Business Insider / Business Insider article Business Wire: Verizon’s internet service will cost $3.00 per hour to use, depending on the speed of the connection, and will be available from 8am-5pm Pacific Standard Time (PSPT) for the next two months.The service will be rolled out in select regions beginning April 1, 2018, with the option to buy additional hours per […]

How to get the best internet equipment deal on Rogers internet equipment

Rogers internet hardware is one of the best deals around, but if you’re new to the internet and want to see what it’s all about, we’ve got the guide for you.If you’ve never tried the Rogers internet gear before, or you just want to learn more, we recommend getting the internet kit.If that’s not enough, we also have an internet […]

Which is better? Is it a satellite internet, a satellite TV, or a satellite broadband internet?

By Chris Walker”In a time when the internet is becoming increasingly common place, you need to look at which is more convenient.Which is more secure, a fibre optic cable or a landline?The internet is now a global phenomenon and there is a lot of confusion about which is best for you.”It depends on what you are doing.If you are watching […]

How Vivint Internet Equipment Is Helping You Track Down Your Data in Canada

Via a program called Vivint Mobile Solutions, the world’s largest wireless broadband provider, the telecom company has teamed up with a company called Vivabit to help you track down your personal data in Canada.The company claims that by combining data from multiple sources, it can help you find out where your data is being used.It’s an interesting program that Vivint […]

What is China’s internet gear, and where does it come from?

The following is a summary of what we know about China’s Internet equipment, which was recently purchased by Chinese Internet giant Cox, with an emphasis on the current state of the equipment, and whether the equipment will be compatible with the country’s rapidly evolving and growing mobile telecommunications infrastructure.The story is based on a presentation at the China Internet Engineering […]

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