Which Satellite Internet Equipment Will You Use?

The US military is looking to modernize its satellites with new and upgraded equipment.As the US prepares to launch its newest military satellite, the Air Force is developing a new type of satellite that is smaller and lighter than the older versions, and has higher capacity to provide broadband internet access.However, it is still not yet clear which satellite internet […]

Comcast, Dish, Time Warner Cable to merge to bring down the cord-cutting internet industry

Comcast, Time-Warner Cable and Cox Communications have announced a $30 billion merger.The deals, which include $15 billion in cash, includes the merger of Comcast and Time Warner.Comcast, which currently owns NBCUniversal, said in a statement that the transaction would create the largest integrated broadband infrastructure company in the U.S. The combined company will operate the nation’s largest and most technologically […]

Why the US still uses AT&T spectrum to provide internet to the rural internet subscribers

With the Federal Communications Commission’s upcoming decision to eliminate the so-called “utility-style” internet service (ISP) tariff, AT&T has been left with only a small slice of the nation’s internet bandwidth.But that doesn’t mean that rural internet users are not getting a better deal than they did in the past. With the internet access providers’ (AEPs) plans to merge with Time Warner […]

Why Canada should be buying out its broadband rivals

Canada’s telecoms regulator says it is prepared to sell its spectrum licences to its biggest rivals, which it says could make it a net-neutrality winner.Industry Minister Navdeep Bains says the move is an important step to help the country stay competitive with U.S. internet providers.“I have to say we are hopeful that we are going to see more net neutrality, […]

Satellite internet equipment to make its first flight in a year, FAA says

SpaceX says it will make its inaugural commercial resupply flight in 2019.The company says it’s in the early stages of a deal to bring a rocket and crew capsule into orbit aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, and will then fly a test flight of the Falcon Heavy booster in 2018.The company will begin its first resupplies mission in 2020 […]

How China’s internet access companies have been on the ropes

The internet access company Directv, which is the countrys biggest Internet service provider, is on the brink of collapse.Directv is owned by Chinese state-owned China Mobile, which was recently bought by the telecommunications company Tencent Holdings.The takeover of Directv by Tencent means that the company’s internet infrastructure will be operated by the Chinese government, and its operations will be overseen […]

How to build a cycling helmet

The first step in building a cycling gear bag is to choose the right bicycle helmet.If you are looking for the best quality, you need to get it from an authorized bike shop.The next step is to decide if it is a good idea to put the bike in the bag.This is a very important step.You can save money on […]

What is a Microwave Internet Equipment Auction?

It’s been a bit of a confusing week for those of us that are familiar with the world of internet equipment auctioning.On Friday, a consortium of internet manufacturers, known as the Microwavision Group, announced that they would be taking part in an auction for the first-ever Microwavaital, a device that converts microwaves into broadband internet.This is an important step forward […]

How to build your own Internet of Things (IoT) device and software

The next step in building a home automation device is to make it self-sustaining, but this is an engineering challenge that requires more than just an electrical outlet.While you can install a small circuit board that feeds data to the device’s computer, that doesn’t always provide the right balance of automation and home automation.That’s where an IoT device comes in.Here […]

Which companies will have the biggest impact on the internet?

The internet is one of the greatest inventions of our time.Yet, it remains in a state of flux.For example, what happens if a major company wants to take control of the internet or if a new technology is developed that threatens it?If the answer is yes, how will that company react?Here are three potential directions for the future of the […]

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