Which companies will have the biggest impact on the internet?

The internet is one of the greatest inventions of our time.Yet, it remains in a state of flux.For example, what happens if a major company wants to take control of the internet or if a new technology is developed that threatens it?If the answer is yes, how will that company react?Here are three potential directions for the future of the […]

You can stop your broadband and internet access at the door

The internet can be a nightmare to manage.If you don’t have the bandwidth and speed to handle all of the incoming data that your network sends, you may be forced to switch off your internet service.Luckily, the internet can also be a powerful tool for managing your privacy, with the tools below.What is an internet filter?A filter is a piece […]

How to make your own DirecTV Now TV app on Android and iOS

DIRECTV has announced it’s giving Android users a much-needed TV app update, allowing them to stream channels from other devices, including Apple TV and Roku.Users can stream DIRECTV NOW content through the DIRECTV App on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices.DIRECTV’s app for iOS allows users to create an account, select a favorite channel, and create a playlist for that […]

Which of the new Moto G models are worth the upgrade?

Moto G4 Pro Moto G5 Pro Moto X5 Premium Moto X6 Moto Z5 Premium Motorola Moto Z4 Moto Z3 Play Moto Z Play Droid Maxx Moto Z Droid X Play Moto X Play2 Moto Z Force Droid Moto Z Max Moto Z Moto Z2 Moto X2 Moto C5 Moto Z Z Moto G Droid Moto G Force Moto Z Style […]

Tech companies are scrambling to fix broken routers

Wall Street is bracing for a new wave of disruptions as companies scramble to upgrade routers and equipment, in the aftermath of the attack on the internet.Tech companies have been scrambling to repair and update their routers and other hardware, in what some analysts and customers say could be the most widespread disruption of the cyberattack.The new infrastructure is critical […]

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