Rv internet equipment: Comcast wins over Internet provider in bid to get broadband provider out of deal

Comcast is poised to win an initial offer of $40 billion to acquire DirecTV and its streaming television business, sources told The Wall Street Journal on Monday.Comcast is seeking a $40-billion bid, a person familiar with the matter said.The person, who asked not to be identified because the talks are private, said Comcast wants a deal worth about $60 billion.The […]

The next generation of supercomputers is coming soon: IBM

IBM is bringing a new generation of quantum computing hardware to the market with its Quantum Advanced Processing Unit (QAU).The company has confirmed the news on the QAU’s official website.“Quantum is the future of computation,” IBM said.“Our QAUs can accelerate the development of quantum-computing solutions, and we are confident that they will play an important role in supporting the next […]

How to avoid ‘fooling’ on the internet with the Cyber Crime Unit’s new tools

Cyber crime units are about to get a lot smarter.They will be able to scan your internet traffic and analyse the content you upload to it.They also have the ability to create new malicious software that can steal your personal information.But there is a catch: they are only able to do so if you agree to the terms and conditions.Read […]

Which NHL team will have the biggest market share in 2018?

We asked readers who would like to see their favorite team in 2018 to tell us who they’d vote for.Here’s what we found: NHL Team Market Share Rankings NHL Team Name Rank NHL Team Number of Votes (Rank) NHL Team Title 1 Minnesota Wild 10,000 2 Anaheim Ducks 5,000 3 Buffalo Sabres 3,500 4 Florida Panthers 3,000 5 Detroit Red […]

Toronto Internet equipped toilet upgrades could be in the pipeline

The city is investing $400 million in internet equipment to ensure Toronto has the fastest internet speeds in North America.It’s part of the city’s $3.5 billion investment in broadband, which will include upgrading the citywide network.Toronto’s internet is currently about 60 per cent of the country’s.It uses fibre optics, which are faster and more flexible than copper and have lower […]

When the Internet was big: The story of how the internet took off

A year ago today, Google announced it would be shutting down its search engine and laying off an additional 4,000 employees.Today, the company said it would shut down search, and that it would lay off an extra 1,400 employees as well.The announcement comes as a result of the company’s efforts to fight a major data breach that exposed the personal […]

How Rogers Internet Equipment explained: What’s the difference between internet equipment and internet?

When you think of the word “internet,” you probably think of a wireless network.But Rogers Internet equipment isn’t just any internet equipment.It’s one of the largest wireless internet providers in Canada, with over 1,400 customers in the country.Rogers Internet equipment is a little different than most internet equipment we see in the marketplace.It comes with a proprietary technology called Spectrum.Spectrum […]

How to get rid of your internet connection

You may be wondering what the heck the internet is.It’s a thing.In fact, the internet itself is a thing, which makes it quite complicated to define exactly what it is.We’re going to try to help you get started.First, we need to define what it means to be a “internet connection.”Internet connectivity is the ability to use a connection to connect […]

How to save money on internet equipped toilets

The internet is a beautiful thing, and for many, it’s the greatest invention of the 21st century.For others, it is simply a cheap, easy way to keep the lights on and the internet connected to their home.For the vast majority of people, however, internet connectivity can be expensive.It can be a pain in the ass when you need to go […]

Why Google won’t sell your internet equipment to you

Why Google wouldn’t sell you your internet service, according to a report from Business Insider.The internet giant doesn’t seem to want to share data or provide your device, nor does it want to give your data to third parties.The report claims Google has been using your data for years without your knowledge.The company is also allegedly keeping a close eye […]

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